Our world is heavily saturated by yoga philosophy.  It is the physical, mental and spiritual practice by which we focus our busy lives to bring better health, relaxation and connection to body, mind and spirit.

Stretching is an important part of daily yoga practice.  I’m a firm believer that stretching consistently decreases your risk of injury, improves flexibility and balance. There are so many other benefits involved in stretching.

Long-term yoga students use bolsters, blankets, blocks, wheels and belts/straps to help them get into the more challenging poses.  They are already at a higher level of flexibility from long term use.

What’s the Deal?

The figure 8 yoga belt is uniquely designed and made of soft cotton polyester which is slightly stretchy.  The high tech resistance hybrid material of the Belt stretches like the human body. Well I’ll be damned, this yoga prop needs no adjusting because there’s no hardware attached because of the simple figure 8 strap without buckles.  Who wants to mess around with metal rings and adjusting the excess strap length between poses? Hell it’s light years better than a traditional yoga belt. It can also be used as a yoga mat strap.

Its timeless design is perfectly symmetrical and balanced.  Research shows that Physical Therapists highly recommend it to their clients for rehabilitation purposes. The principle behind using this amazing Belt is that when you go into a pose, you “fall” into it without overstretching muscles. For example, the Sukhasana and Lotus position.
Numerous user reviews suggest that it’s like having a yoga partner to help you with flexibility, stability and balance.

Multiple uses of the Yoga Belt include Yoga, Dance, Physical Therapy, Strength Training, Gymnastics, and just about any kind of sports related stretching exercises.  Its unique shape creates a subtle twist that always keeps the dual loops open with a more ergonomic grip. It’s as easy as pie to use and so comfortable.

Some of us see changes in our levels of strength and flexibility in a short time. Others may see the improvements over a longer period of time, but everyone experiences change incrementally.

Regular and consistent stretching with the figure 8 yoga belt will see you getting on top of your yoga goals, even if you only use it for a few minutes per day.

Who Can Use it?

If you are looking for more flexibility and a deeper range of motion, this is the ultimate in Yoga Belts.  You will get a beautiful stretch and be able to go into those asanas and shoulder opening poses that are hard to reach. They are ever popular for Yoga instructors and their students.  

There’s no need to feel overwhelmed if you are finding some poses too hard to reach. The figure 8 yoga belt is a great way to go deeper into the pose to help you get there


The cost of purchasing this Yoga belt is $17.08 with Free Worldwide Shipping, 100% Secure Payments, with a 45 Day Money Back Guarantee.  It makes an ideal gift for yoga lovers, gymnasts and other fitness enthusiasts.

It’s super portable, effective, and is a wonderful invention for intermediate to advanced yogis, as part of their arsenal of [yoga supplies].  For those people who are desk bound all day, it’s small enough to carry in your handbag.  You can use it for a quick stretch to counteract those tight shoulders after hunching over your keyboard.  It’s especially good for travelling. Yogis if you haven’t got one yet, what are you waiting for?

Where to Purchase the Figure 8 Yoga Belt

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Important NOTE: Remember to talk to your Doctor or Physical Therapist to discuss the most suitable ways to stretch if you have concerns about any health conditions.

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