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Practice-enhancing yoga accessories
Yoga Décor
Make your home a place with good vibes. At Yoga Click Shop, we carry a dreamy collection of yoga décor including cushion covers, wall stickers, ceramic figurines, blankets, tapestries, and other creative pieces.
Yoga Tapestries
Highlight room interior by adding decorative yoga tapestry. We stock a marvelous selection of yoga tapestries, they come in different colors and patterns. Enjoy the finishing touch tapestry brings to your place.
Aromatherapy products work to improve you emotionally and physically. Whether you are looking for coconut, jasmine, cinnamon, rose, lavender or any other essential oil, we’ve got you covered. Discover the whole collection now!
Oil Diffusers
There are lots of ways to scent your place. But oil diffusers are the best. They dispel natural oils which impact your body, mood, and soul in a positive way. Shop now and lift your spirits up.
Chakra and assorted Jewelry
Explore our fantastic chakra jewelry collection of healing chakra necklaces, chakra bracelets, chakra rings, natural pendants, and other unique pieces. Wear chakra jewelry to energize and align your chakras.
Yoga Belts
A yoga belt is a great yoga accessory. It improves flexibility and balance, reduces the risk of injury. We offer a wide variety of belts. You just need to choose the right length, width, and color.
Yoga Mats
Whatever you practice, your yoga mat should be comfortable and easy to maintain. In this section, you will find a huge range of high-quality yoga mats to support your yoga journey. Enhance your yoga practice with the right mat.
Yoga Socks
The right accessories are able to create the right mood during your yoga session. Browse our range of yoga socks and choose a pair for you or the yogi in your life!

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